Achievements of the Association

Again, the Association had been working all these years formulating new strategies for the benefit of its exporting members whose creditable achievements are a tribute to Indian cultural heritage and craftsmanship of our artisans. Besides initiating in creation of infrastructure, the Association is relentless in finding where the shoe pinches to its members in their export process and the Association took up all such matters at the highest concerned levels and managed to provide not only relief to them but lot of benefits in form of incentives and other monetary gains. It is Association’s incessant effort and liaison at the top levels in the Govt. which helped its Members in a large number of benefits / incentives which were so far not available. The Association has got a pride to say that at the initiation and persuasion of JHEA, the Govt. came out to grant the following facilities / benefits / incentives etc. from time to time :-

1. Facility of DEPB made available at the ICD, Jodhpur
2. Allowing of packing of Duty Drawback items with Non-Duty Drawback items through a common packing list with separate invoices / shipping bills.
3. Instead of detaining the whole container for a item or two as suspect items, the shipments were made to be allowed by only detaining such items for further verification.
4. Certification of GSPs for six days a week.
5. Huge reduction in transport fright by ICD
6. Payment of incentives on dispatches of TEUs under MoU with Rajsico irrespective of quantum of export.
7. Exemption of Sales Tax on past sales of REP/SIL/Exim Scripts and reduction in existing slab of Sales Tax on sale of such scripts.
8. Amendment in standard input-output norms allowing facility of DEPB credit for material on all types of wood. Previously it was only Teak / Shesham wood.
9. Amendment in standard input-out norms allowing DEPB Credit for packing material on all types of furniture.
10. MoU with RSIC for grant of incentives on despatches of containers through ICD Rajsico.
11. Increase in percentage of DEPB rates in case plastic packing material is supplemented by any other material
12. ICD has been included for facility under DEPB scheme at various ports/airports/ICD through TRA facility.
13. Higher rate of incentives made available at ICD, Jodhpur through Rajsico
14. Establishment of Solar-heated Woods Seasoning Plant of “representative style” along with Common Facility Centre under UNDP assistance scheme by DC (H) with nodal agency being Rajsico and under the management by a Committee headed by Shri Nirmal Bhandari, Secretary, JHEA.
15. Got Huge reductions in transportation tariff by Rajsico at ICD Jodhpur thrice this year
16. Allowing of 2% DEPB on plastic packing material instead of 1% if supplemented by paper packaging material by Public Notice No. 39 (RE-00) 1997-2002 dated 1.11.2000
17. Allowing of Import Duty Free consumables / embellishments including wood polish materials, rust preventive concentrates, heat resistant paints, poly films etc. under notification No. 71/99 Customs dated 2.6.99 as amended by notification No. 16/2000
18. Formation of Exporters Grievances Cell under orders of D.C. (H)
19. Postponement of mandatory Bar-coding
20. Availability of Duty Drawback on handicrafts / articles of composite materials vide circular No. 1/2001 Cust.
21. Availability of Duty Drawback on brass handicrafts / artware under S.S. No. 7.4.20 and 74.21 through Public Notice No. 17/2001 dated 15.2.2001
22. Certification power to EPCH for admissibility of Duty Drawback on handicrafts / artwares under SS No 73.27
23. Increase in Drawback rates of iron vide notification No. 41/2000 (NT) of 1.6.2000.
24. Keeping of Factory Stuffing in day hours only in view of precious items vulnerable to breakage, negligible output etc.
25. Allowing of DEPB increased from 1% to 2% on plastic / paper material vide Public Notice No. 11 (RE-00) 1997-2002 dated 1.5.01.
26. Revision of Slab of TBT for industrial units.
27. Admissibility of Drawback on handicrafts / artware made up of iron irrespective of Customs Tariff Heading covered under SS No. 73.27.
28. Release of arrears of incentive under MoU amounting to Rs. 28,31,700/-.
29. Revision of Duty Drawback rates on handicrafts / artware made up of iron from .70 p to 4.50 per kg. Under notification No. 30/2001- Customs (NT) date 22.6.01
30. Commissioning of Rail-Link ICD at Jodhpur
31. Pre-shipment examination – Export of handicrafts items made up of bone / horn / shell / cowries made streamlined
32. Reduction of transportation tariff at ICD Jodhpur by Rajsico
33. One time permission of Factory Stuffing instead of its issuance quarterly / half yearly vide circular F450/41/2000 – Cus. IV dated 1.11.2001.
34. Allowing of DEPB on Packing material on wooden handicrafts / function of composite nature vide DGFT circular No. 1/81/162/409/AM-02/DGS-VI/1411 dated 7.1.2002
35. Reduction in tariff by CONCOR
36. Concessions secured from RSIC in Ground rent stand and Free positioning of containers at ICD, Rajsico.
37. Reduction in percentage of examination of export consignment for faster clearance or cargo vide CBCE circular No. 6/2002 Cus. Of 23.1.2002.
38. Further reduction in tariff of transportation of export cargo by ICD, Rajsico on 10.4.02
39. Settling down of overdue claims of Duty Drawback Claims pending at IGI Airport worth crores of rupees.
40. Exemption of Sales Tax on Handicrafts furniture by Govt. of Rajasthan vide notification s.o. 420 Dated 2.3.02 with retrospective effect.
41. Redressal of problems with Ministry of Shipping
     a. Rationalization of Terminal Handling Charges
     b. Waiving levy of Bunker Adjustment Factor
     c. Availability of Container Tracking Facility
     d. Availability of mother vessels directly
42. Opening of office of ECGC at Jodhpur
43. Creation of Nodal agency (Jt. DGFT) for removal of exporters grievances
44. Acceptance of Self-declaration as to the non-availment of Cenvat Facility for extending the Duty Drawback vide Customs Circular No. 8/2003 Cus. Dated 17.2.03.
45. Availability of Duty Drawback on composite items vide Customs Circular No. 9/2003 Cus. Dated 17.203
46. Sanction of All Industry rate of Duty Drawback pending fixation of brand rate on Drawback vide Customs Circular No. 10/2003
47. Grant of various incentives under VKGUY Scheme.
48. Taking over of Common Facility Centre from EPCH under a MoU for running & management.
49. Conducting Indian Furniture & Accessories Show (IFAS) International Fair at Jodhpur.
50. Most memorable achievement for JHEA is that JHEA in coordination with EPCH is successfully organized 1st International Indian Furniture & Accessories Show (IFAS) 2010 and 2011 at Jodhpur.